Help Our School By Collecting Box Tops


Box Tops are an easy way for every family to help earn money for P.S. 40. Last year we collected over 14,000 Box Tops, earning more than $1,400!

Those 10 cents can really add up!

All box tops collected throughout the year will go towards an end of the year prize for the class with the most box tops – so send them in as you collect them!  We are asking for families to please do the following:

  1. Send Box Tops to school with your child in an envelope or bag, marked with the number of Box Tops in the envelope or bag.  Please separate them out in multiples of 10 or 50.

  2. Bonus certificates should be submitted separately, not in the marked envelope or bag with the regular Box Tops.

  3. If you choose to use a Box Top Collection sheet, please make sure there are NO STAPLES affixing the Box Tops to a Box Top collection sheet.  Glue or clear tape is fine.

As always, please make sure Box Tops are cut carefully around the edges.  Do not send in expired Box Tops, as they cannot be redeemed. And, remember to tell friends & family who want to support P.S. 40 to save their Box Tops for you!\

With your help we can make our Box Top program even more successful!

Thank you for your participation!