PTA Executive Board

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The Executive Board is a board of parent volunteers, elected yearly, who govern the PTA according to its accepted bylaws. It is the goal of the Executive Board to support the vision of the school through fundraising, community building, and implementation of programs. The Executive Board meets monthly. Please contact the Executive Board if you would like to address a particular issue. You can reach them at PTA [at]

PTA Co-Presidents
Natalie Gruppuso, Nick Bright

Co-First Vice Presidents
Meredith Acierno, Stefanie Wotton

Vice President for Community Affairs
Nick McKeon

Co-Vice Presidents for School Activities
Rose Newnham, Aparna Rao

Vice President for Fundraising
Larry Carbone

Co-Vice Presidents for Hospitality
Leigh Pasqual, Kathy Tignor

Co-Vice Presidents for Communications and Membership
Lakey Wolff, Melissa Helman

Ian Abramson, Megan Goett Kaliski

Financial Secretary
Dara Cohen

Co-Recording Secretaries
Rosanne Olken, Lorena Strunk

Corresponding Secretary
Susan Park