Easy Ways to Support P.S. 40

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  • The P.S. 40 Fairway Community Outreach Cards are here! Each time you have your card scanned before you pay at any Fairway location, Fairway will donate 3% of your purchase to our PTA. Note: (1) Cards must be scanned prior to payment; (2) Cards must be used at least once in a 6-month period to remain active; (3) Cards work at all Fairway locations; (4) there will be double points day once each quarter; (5) No personal/financial information is collected by the PTA or Fairway; (6) Fairway makes this donation at no additional cost to the shopper. Cards are available for pick up in the main office or by contacting Carla or Dara. Feel free to take a second card if you have a friend, neighbor, or relative who can help support our PTA in this no-cost, easy way.
  • Box Tops are an easy way for every family to help earn money for P.S. 40. Each Box Top is worth ten cents – and they really add up! Send Box Tops to school with your child in an envelope or or bag, marked with the number of Box Tops. Please separate them out in multiples of 10 or 50. Bonus certificates should be submitted separately, not in the marked envelope or bag with the regular Box Tops. Please make sure there are no staples affixing the Box Tops to a Box Top collection sheet (Glue or clear tape is fine). Please make sure that Box Tops are cut carefully around the edges and are not expired. And, remember to tell friends, family & neighbors who want to support P.S. 40 to save their Box Tops for you!