Transitioning from 3rd to 4th Grade

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Principal Stephanie Lukas led a brief meeting on what to expect as your child transitions from 3rd to 4th grade.

The notes below were taken by a parent representative.

Class Size

Class size is larger, around 32. The number of 4th graders registered dictates how many classes we will have. Currently there are four 3rd grades and we expect there to be three 4th grades in the fall.

Various structures are in place to support the larger class size:

Teacher Assistants

To help with class size, teacher assistants are hired, thanks to PTA/parents, and each teacher vets his/her own assistant.


Teachers receive professional development training and support in differentiated instruction. We also have a math coordinator and TC staff developers who work with each grade to plan lessons for the different levels of instruction. Teachers continually assess students to gage how they are progressing. Once assessed, small group instruction (typically groups of six) is tailored to meet students’ specific needs. Hands-on learning stations with varying teaching points is another technique used support differentiated instruction in literacy, math and social studies.


Reading intervention happens every day in classrooms through guided instruction. We also draw on specialty teachers, who have been classroom teachers, to provide individual support to readers and mathematicians who have yet to make the jump to the next level.

Arrival and Dismissal

There are no changes to arrival or dismissal. If your student has a younger sibling you can send a note to their teacher and have the older student released to the cafeteria.

 Attendance and Punctuality

Currently the middle school application takes 4th grade attendance into account, so limiting days that students are absent is important. Latenesses are also listed on the application, so focusing on being punctual is important.

Leadership Opportunities

Band is offered for the first time in 4th grade. Sarah Tomasewski will send home information in the fall detailing instrument options and the time commitment involved in participating.

Leadership Clubs are offered to 4th and 5th graders. They include: Student Council, Mediators, Monitors, Tech Squad and Eco Team. Student Council spots are filled via election. All other electives are based off an application and comments that the students submit. You can only be in one club, and some priority is given to 5th graders.

Elective classes are offered to students beginning in 4th grade. Teachers offer different classes e.g. Flag Football, craft food making. They meet once a week beginning in January or December and have a presentation at the end of the year.