P.S.40 Registration 2021-2022

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Welcome to P.S. 40!

Please complete the following forms for registration. 

  1. Registration Form (Fillable PDF Version 2)
  2. Kindergarten New Admit Questionnaire (for incoming Kindergarten only)
  3. Residency/Housing Questionnaire
  4. PSE form
  5. HLIS – Home Language Identification Survey (Parents complete second page only)
  6. Provisional Admittance
  7. Permission to Post/Publish
  8. PTA/Administration Parent Contact Information

PK Language Needs Survey (for incoming PK registration only)
CH-205 Health form – for all incoming students. To be completed by pediatrician  (not fillable)

To note: The forms are in a PDF-fillable format. Download each form from by clicking on the link, save as “your child’s name + document name,”  complete, save, and then email to 02m040@schools.nyc.gov. Please include your child’s name plus Kindergarten (or appropriate incoming grade level) in the email subject bar

We ask you to scan the other required documents such as birth certificate, immunization and proof of address documents and email along with the completed forms. Scanned documents are preferred, however if you do not have that ability, a clear, close photograph of the document will be sufficient. Please make sure that all document details are clearly legible. 

Paper registration packets are available if you are unable to complete the forms online. Please email jknight3@schools.nyc.gov to arrange a time to pick up from the school building.

Kindergarten New Admit Questionnaire

Housing Questionnaire

PSE form

HLIS – Home Language Identification Survey

PK Language Needs Survey (for incoming PK registration only)

Registration Form (Fillable PDF Version 2)

Provisional Admit

Permission to Post

PTA Parent Contact 

CH-205  health form 0- to be completed by pediatrician  (not fillable)